Product Description

The LoveFab Pro Spec headers are a product over a decade in the making.  The C30/C32 engines require a unique blend of runner and collector diameters to extract the most power.  LoveFab has been at the forefront of custom NSX Header design since 2005.  These are hand built using TIG welding and backpurging, using the best materials available, utilizing optimum diameters for the intended application, and equal length.

The Pro Spec “Big Tube” headers are designed for the Supercharged NSX.  Utilizing either a 2.5″ or 3″ collector, these will make the most power of any header ever made on the NSX.

Of note, you’ll “lose” boost compared to the previous header.  As exhaust restrictions drop, so does the boost level from a fixed pulley supercharger.  Even with the boost drop, power increase is substantial.  A slightly smaller pulley can then be exchanged to get the boost levels back up, and power will increase even more.