Product Description

The LoveFab LF800TS Pro turbo system is the ultimate in bolt-on NSX performance.  Featuring a twin scroll Garrett GTX4088R Turbocharger, spool is quick while still providing north of 750WHP worth of tire shredding power(with supporting engine modifications).

The Pro systems ship mechanically complete from exhaust port, to tail pipe.  Our Pro series hand fabricated headers, twin wastegate twin scroll seconardy pipe, and WOFI 3″ dual exhaust round out the exhaust portion of the system.  Our tried and true twin heat exchanger, bolt on water to air intercooler system handles the charge cooling.

The LoveFab LF800TS Pro system is the direct result of thirteen years of NSX Turbocharging, with the most miles and installations logged from any NSX installer around the globe.