Product Description

We’ve taken the extremely capable Haltech Elite 2500 platform and retrofitted the system to control the 1995-2005 Acura NSX drive by wire engines and accessories.

This is a complete plug and play system, allowing the optional use for traction control, cruise, flex fuel, etc.  Furthermore, multiple failsafes are built-in to protect the engine against damage.

We have clients across the globe using this system for several years now, with factory-like drivability and seamless power delivery.


Haltech Elite 2500

Wiring harness adapter

GM 76mm throttle body

Adapter plate

silicon adapter

Single Wideband controller

Traction control interface


Dual Wideband controller(+$300)

FLEX fuel($300)

Boost control Interface($125)

Any number of additional sensors($225 per/pressure sensor)

CAN BUS hub($299)